Voluminous Brow Kit

Voluminous Brow Kit



Valued at $50 (Save $5)

Kit contains Skinny Brow and Brow Fibre.

Our top two sellers, Skinny Brow and Brow Fibre come together to create the ultimate duo. Define and shape your brows with the ultra-precise Skinny Brow pencil, then pump up the volume and colour with our Brow Fibre. Available in Taupe, Natural Brown and Dark for all our brow beauties!


The Product Is

  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Vitamine C & E
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  • Skinny Brow Pencil
  • Brow Fibre

Brow babes who want to create voluminous brows in a flash!

  • Taupe: Suitable for light to medium skin tones with every hair colour from dirty blond to fiery red. (Light Fibre is preselected with this colour choice)
  • Natural Brown: Suitable for those with medium skin tones and brunettes. (Dark Fibre is preselected with this colour choice)
  • Dark: Suitable for deep skin tones with dark brown or black hair. (Dark Fibre is preselected with this colour choice)

Brow Fibre

  • Net Wt/ Poids Net 4ml /14oz
  • Made In Italy

Skinny Brow

  • Net Wt/ Poids Net 0.09/0.003oz
  • Made In Germany
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